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December 13, 2013

The Cloud. Defined.

Lots of talk about "The Cloud" these days. The funny thing about it is that it's not new - just the name is. I asked our CTO to define the cloud once and he came up with a very concise definition: "Something that doesn't run on your server."

If you use that definition (which I like) our marketing project management solution RoboHead has been in "the cloud" from a user's perspective since we launched it in 2004. Now at that time it was co-located, meaning it resided in a data center and was running on servers that we owned and maintained, but technically it was "in the cloud" (just without the sexy name).

And then there's what I would call the "true" cloud, where the solutions are hosted from a service like Amazon Web Services where you basically "pay to play" and don't own anything. That's where we now host RoboHead, as well as our digital asset management solution MajorTom, and our review and approval solution, ReviewPad.

So why the move to the cloud? Stay tuned for the next post.