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Changes over the years (aka "Wow, am I getting old")

Back when I first entered the SaaS (Software as a Service) space back in 2004 (hence the "getting old" feeling) we really had to sell the concept of SaaS. It was new, people sort of got it, but we had tons of objections (mostly from IT) regarding security, DR (disaster recovery), where the data was located (someplace reputable or was it a server in someone's closet). We countered the objections, but it was a tough sell.

It's funny that in just a few years, SaaS has become not only accepted, but very mainstream. We rarely/never have to sell the concept. While we still may have to occasionally give some details on the infrastructure or answer some IT questionnaires, it's one out of twenty deals at the most. And not eight (or nine!) out of ten like it was in the early days.


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